Vessel Chartering

The Group owned a multi-purpose deck cargo ship currently focus on carriage of construction material and waste in the PRC.

The Group will continuous take caution measures to closely monitor the effectiveness of the operation of the Group's vessel chartering business.


Seafood and frozen meeting trading The PRC is the major target market of the Group's seafood and frozen meat trading. As the competition of the seafood market in the PRC was keen, as such in the near short term will trade in a small economic scale to optimise its operation. The Group will also closely monitor the food trading market in the PRC and consider to deploy more resources in its development whenever appropriate.

Electronic Products Trading The Group's electronic products trading business is expected to face difficulties in the coming years due to current trading barriers between the PRC and the United States (the 'Trade Barriers'). The Group will closely observe the recovery of the electronic products market in the PRC and monitor the development of the Trade Barriers and its impact to the electronic products market in the PRC in order to cultivate a direction and policy to cope with the changing operating environment and will resume its electronic products trading business whenever appropriate.

Money Lending and Factoring

The Group is providing of loan financing in Hong Kong and entrusted loan financing in the PRC. Moreover, the Group is also providing the factoring business in the PRC. The Group will proactively explore customers with good quality to expand its business scale, it will continue to adopt a prudent credit risk management strategy to ensure a healthy development in its money lending and factoring business.

Finance Leasing Business

The Finance Leasing market has played an important role in various industries and has great business potential in the PRC. The Group adopted a prudent approach in the finance leasing business and mainly dealt with enterprises with strengthened financial position to minimize its credit and business risks. The finance leasing business will produce a steady growth in the Group's long term performance and will maximize the future contribution to the Group.